Movies and TV With Australian Accents

Ever wish you could just travel to the location famous for the accent you are working on, just so you could be immersed in the sounds of the accent for as many hours a day as possible?

I have good news! Even if you don’t have time to trek across the world, you can still reap many of the benefits by doing something you probably already love doing; binge watching television and films starring actors who naturally speak in the accent you are targeting.

(Avoid watching actors who are acting in an accent other than their own. It’s still too easy for accent errors to hit the screen! Stick to the real deal!)

If you happen to be working on an Australian accent, here’s a sweet hack that will save you time searching for Australian accent shows on Netflix.

Open a new window and sign in to your Netflix account, then place in the address bar:

You will be instantly taken to a page with every film that Netflix has categorized as Australian!

Awesome, right?!?

Enjoy your stay-at-home trip to Australia!

Stay alert, though! Make sure you do a little research to make sure you are watching the specific accent you are targeting, and that its coming from actors who are speaking in their own accents while they perform.

Bon Voyage!

  • Pamela Vanderway