How do I hire a dialect coach?

If you are pressed for time, feel free to phone us directly at 323-251-1944. We'll discuss your specific goals and needs with you and help you find the dialect coach who is right for you.

If your inquiry is less urgent or you want to arrange a call for later, please visit our contact page, fill in the information, and be specific about your needs. (Which dialect you want to learn? Is this for a specific project or for overall career development? When does this accent need to be performance ready? Is this just an accent, or do you also need foreign language help?)

I need a dialect coach. When you find one for me, will you charge me a fee for the referral?

Not at all. Actors do not pay additional fees to get connected to their DCW Registered Dialect Coach.

How can I tell that a dialect coach is a professional? (I don’t want to waste my time with a ‘helpful hobbyist.’)

The best way to know is to call us at 323-251-1944 and ask about the coach you are considering. We have an up to date list of fully vetted dialect coaches

Why is it important to work with a DCW Registered Dialect Coach?

The industry has recently been flooded with ‘helpful hobbyists’ who have lovely websites that advertise accent coaching services, but lack the necessary skills to coach professional actors. They often cost a few dollars an hour less, but their results are no match for those of true professionals.

Working with DCW Registered Dialect Coach means that you are assured that your dialect coach:

Has met DCW’s professional educational and skills requirements

Has passed their DCW teaching observation

Has received letters of recommendation from clients and colleagues

Has agreed to uphold the DCW Code of Professional Ethics and Conduct

Has a current clear criminal background check. (We believe in safety!)

Once you find a great coach for me, do I pay DCW for their services, or do I pay the coach?

Typically, you pay the coach directly, but if needed, we can make exceptions for you!

When should I start learning a target accent?

While the answer to this will vary a bit depending on your own skill set and the project at hand,  the rule of thumb is  to learn the accent as soon as possibleAccent acquisition is definitely a pre-production sport. The ideal process for integrating an accent other than your own into a performance is to completely master the accent before you get very far into your rehearsal process (and long before the cameras roll). Ideally you want to make sure that your brain has already 're-wired' itself to accept the new accent as a real option for communication before speaking as your character. 

I'm a well-known actor, and I'd really like to keep my process private. Can you find a dialect coach for me who can keep it under wraps that I'm working with them?


Absolutely! Your privacy is important to us. When you call, let us know you would like this service and we’ll make sure you can work with a DCW Registered Dialect Coach who is accustomed to signing non-disclosure agreements for projects and even for private coaching.

I need ‘accent reduction’ or ‘accent softening.’ Can you help me?

Yes! We can! The first thing to know is that these two terms are popular, but a little misleading. We invite you to call and talk with us about this, but for the moment we encourage you to frame these ideas as ‘accent acquisition’ and to give us a call at 323-251-1944. We’ll help you find the right coach for your goals!

What about ‘accent elimination’?

Every person who speaks, speaks with an accent. There’s not really a way around that. You can decide you want to change your everyday accent to something new, but there’s literally no way to ‘eliminate’ an accent. The term ‘accent elimination’ is not only an inaccurate term, it encourages accent discrimination; the mistaken belief that some accents are inherently better than others.

I am an actor and someone told me I should lose my accent. Should I?

Nope! You might want to add a new one to your repertoire so that you can create more casting opportunities for yourself, but we would never advocate losing a great skill you already have! (Who wants one less skill?)

How do I get started?

Give us a call at 323-251-1944 or click here for our email contact form. We look forward to helping you achieve your accent goals.