Accent is a layer of storytelling.

It's there every time any person or character speaks a single syllable.

Accents tell as much about a character as the way they dress, move and even what they say.

When performances matter, accents matter.

But without professional help, finding the right dialect coach to be on your creative team can be confusing, time consuming and difficult.

You know your actors need help, but --

What kind of help?

How much help?

When should they start training?

And how can you know for sure if a particular dialect coach has the skills that are right for your project?

Every day, we help producers and actors answer these questions and we connect them with professional dialect coaches who are just the right fit.  

DCW verified accent coaches, language coaches and translators have what it takes to train professional actors at the level modern audiences expect, so they can give the best accent and foreign language performances possible.

Give us a call at 323-251-1944 and tell us what your accent and language related goals are. We will connect you with a DCW qualified dialect coach with just the skills you need to get the job done!

The community is the brainchild of Pamela Vanderway, a professional dialect coach, author, and leader in the field of accent training for professional actors.