For Producers

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We have fully-vetted, highly experienced dialect coaches and dramatic translators worldwide ready to support every stage of production.

Services we provide:

*Staffing and Training Recommendations based on our discussions with you and on the needs of the project.

*Key Dialect Coaches - We will help you find a stellar key dialect coach who will not only understand and support your creative vision, but can coordinate with your high profile talent's personal dialect coaches to make sure that the work these trainers do with their clients will be in alignment with the project.  

*Research and Field Recording - Our dialect coaches can extensively research and record local speakers in order to create learning materials which will provide an authentic result for your project.

*Casting Support -- Our dialect coaches can help you with casting by creating custom downloadable accent materials for auditioning actors that you can send out with breakdowns. (With this cost-effective step you'll notice a dramatic improvement in actors' auditions overall.) You may also schedule a coach to attend call-backs and advise you on actors' ability levels to take the guesswork out of casting. 

*Dramatic Translation Services - Document translators and native speakers without significant dramatic writing experience can provide literal but not actable translation of English text into other languages. For this a Dramatic Translator is an absolute must. 

*Actor Training Materials Preparation (audio and written) - Our coaches can create production bibles (visual and audio) to assure that every actor pronounces character names, place names, and other specific terms consistently within your project, as well as custom visual and audio accent training materials for each actor performing a dialect role. (A dialect role occurs any time you have an actor speaking outside his or her own daily accent.)

*Pre-Production Coaching via Skype and in Person -- No matter where your talent is located, our coaches can meet with them in person or via Skype to give them the kind of pre-production training essential for an authentic, fully integrated accent performance. (NOTE: For best results, be sure to allow as much lead-in time as possible prior to commencement of shooting. Mastering an accent takes time. Savvy producers allow 4 to 6 weeks for training any actor who will be acting in an accent other than their own.)

* On Set Coaching LOCAL and WORLDWIDE- We have fully-vetted coaches worldwide dedicated to making sure that your talent stays on track while under the typical (and not so typical) stresses that come with performing in accent during shooting. 

* ADR Support - Perhaps you didn't realize you needed a dialect coach during pre-production, and now you are faced with looping an actor's performance. We have coaches skilled in ADR and voice matching ready to assist you.

*Confidentiality - We sign non-disclosure agreements daily, so you know that your work is safe with us. Until one of our coaches has signed your NDA, they will receive only the level of information you permit. If you have talent that doesn't want anyone to know they even 'need' a coach, our coaches will sign that type of NDA as well. 

CONTACT US NOW with your project's challenges -- Not just because we'll save you the trouble of having to track down a coach who's willing to travel, or who's worked with the caliber of talent in your cast, or who specializes in a particular dialect...

...But also because, by finding the right coach quickly, you can more efficiently staff your production at the right time, for the right price, and rest assured that the actors' accents will enhance rather than detract from the impact of your project.